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Resume Preparation Tips For Freshers And Experience – Experts Advice

Finding a Job is a process. Lot many things will happen during this process. The first thing is to complete the course where you are in. It might be an Masters, Engineering Degree, Normal/Common Degree (B.COM, BSE), PHd. One should complete his desired education. The immediate thing would be achieving a job either in Public/Government Sector or in any of the Private Company. To apply for any kind of Job, One needs a resume to tell what he is, what he is capable of, what can be his goal. This will give an idea to the recruiter what a candidate is in short. Resume is the first and foremost step for your goal. Once the candidate is done with resume preparation tips, the next step should be facing a written exam which contains Aptitude Reasoning, Verbal & Non Verbal Skills

In this article we would like to cover How the Resume Template or Resume Format should look like, Resume for Freshers and IT Professionals, What is a Resume, How to Prepare Effective Resume, Resume for job Specific, Resume writing tips, How to create a resume, Resume making format, Example of how to write a resume, Standard Resume Format.

How the Resume Template, Resume Format Look Like, Resume Writing Tips, How to create a resume, Resume making format, Example of how to write a resume, Standard Resume Format

The interviewer or resume scrutiny will allocate a maximum of 30-60 Seconds to filter a resume. It is very important to have the following things for resume preparation tips.

  • Keep the over all resume short, not more than 2 pages if your experience is in between 0-6 years.
  • Sell yourself by showcasing the important content in bold and italic for better vision
  • Have Margins or have clear borders
  • Don’t prefer big paragraphs, have bullets
  • Have good sections names/titles
  • Have the most important things at the beginning of the resume
  • Mention your achievements & strengths with out fail
  • Never mention your current salary and expected salary
  • Provide your phone number for communication
  • Never do any promises in written

We would like to have the following sections in you CV.

  • Name, mobile number & Email Address at the top
  • Summary of your Professional Experience (If any) or Career Objective
  • Employee History (If Any)
  • Technical Skill Set (Primary skills, tools, Domain knowledge)
  • Education details
  • Any certifications in any area
  • Details of professional history (if any) or College projects (if any)
  • Personal or Professional achievements (Awards, Ranks)
  • Hobby
  • Personal Details

What is a Resume?

Resume is a written document where a job seeker should “Sell Their Self At Their Best” to find a job. This is the best definition for any body either fresher or experience. Through the document you should be able to impress the recruiter what best you can do, what skills you have, your dream will have any importance to the recruiter has to define there.

How to Prepare Effective Resume?

When a resume covers the recruiter’s need then it can be called as an effective resume. Every recruiter has a need. A need is some thing like “What they exactly want in a job seeker”. Say if a recruiter needs a candidate who can speak a good English, if you have that particular skill in your resume, then for recruiter perspective your resume is Effective resume even it looks bad in format (not always, some times). See the above resume preparation tips.

Have a Resume for job Specific

You should have a multiple number of resumes with you. The reason behind this is one recruiter might need one particular skill area, at that point of time it is always good to have a descriptive resume of that particular skill. This looks pleasing to the recruiter. These resumes will have high focus for the recruiters. The second common thing is, generally the resume will me shared among friends, it is not a good idea to have a same formated resume with multiple people. If this is a case, there are high chances that your resume will loose it focus at some point of time.Resume Preparation Tips

For any further advice or review of your resume, feel free to drop your email ID & Name & Question in the comment box. Our experts will get back to you on that.

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