QTP Openings 2016, QTP Interview Questions Download

QTP Openings 2016, QTP Interview Questions Download

In Software Industry, large numbers of job openings are available for testing jobs. Every year massive members placed as a test engineer in software companies. This year also every company releases the QTP Openings 2016. Interested and eligible applicants must apply for the QTP Openings 2016 on or before last date. Trained testing engineers will get more benefits through this QTP job opening. Here we are providing the details about QTP Openings 2016 and QTP Interview Questions.  Applicants who are looking for the QTP Interview questions, those may download the below question and answers through online from our website.

1) What are advantages of test automation?

Time – It produces quick results

No Manual intervention

Cost effective

Not prone to human errors

2) If the objects hierarchy is changing from build to build, then how you will handle that condition?

In this case descriptive programming can be used instead of having an OR. Even while descriptive programming try to use regular expressions to identify the unique property of the objects. QTP Openings 2016.

3) I have developed and executed a script successfully, and saved the same to QC. When I tried to execute the script from QC, the script is not executing. What are the possible reasons?”

1) Firstly, Quick Test Add-In for Quality Centre has to be installed.
2) In the QTP Tools > Options >run tab you should have ‘Allow other Mercury products to run tests and components’ selected.
3) make sure you are running QTP as an Admin.
4) all the test resources have to be in the correct path. QTP Interview Questions.

4) What is the extension of QTP local Repository? If it is .mtr then what is .bdb extension stands for?

.bdb is the local OR. .mtr is a binary file that contains other information about checkpoints and all. To re-verify the .bdb is the OR, try to rename the file with the extension as .tsr and open it from ORM. The same objects in the OR will be displayed here. The same will not work if you try it on .mtr file.

5) What is virtual object?

A virtual object is a non-standard object that is instructed by the tester via QTP to behave like a standard one. QTP Openings 2016.

6) How do you capture tool tip using QTP?

Tool Tip capture method varies depending on the type of object this tool tip appears for. It could be for links, images or any other web elements.

For web elements use: Object. title property.
For image: Image (“some name”).GetROProperty (“alt”)…..etc.

7) How can you close the second opened browser?

You can know which browser instance was opened after another can be known by using the “creation time” property. In simple terms, this is nothing but a counter for each browser instance that gets launched. QTP Openings 2016 For the first one, it is 0 and gets incremented from then on. To close the second opened browser, you can use the following code:

Browser(“creation time:=1”).Close

8) How do know the number of browsers opened?

To do this you will have to check how many child objects of the type ‘browser’ are present on the desktop. The following is the code that explains it:

Set ObjectBrowser = Description. Create
ObjectBrowser (“micclass”).Value = “Browser”
Set BObj = Desktop.ChildObjects (ObjectBrowser)
Msgbox Obj.Count

9) What is synchronization point in QTP?

It is a feature that QTP provides to make your test wait until a certain property on a certain object becomes an expected value before proceeding with the next steps.

10) What is reusable action?

An action that can be called multiple times within or outside the same test is called reusable action. By default all actions are reusable.

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