Paper Presentation Tips, Seminar Skills from Experts

Paper Presentation Tips, Seminar Skills from Experts

In every student life there will be few things that will be done forcibly from your lecturers in your college. My self I graduated long back, it happened to me as well. At that point of time while we studying giving Paper Presentation and seminars will annoy a lot and we are not at ready to perform on stage because of many reasons like Shyness, Some body feel like an insult, lack of knowledge, lack of English speaking skill and because of communication skills as well. We would like to present you some important Paper presentation tips and would like to talk about how it will be useful in your future, may be this should motivate you.

Paper Presentation Tips

Things to follow while Paper Presenting

The following are the main paper presentation tips that needs to have an attention.

  1. Select the trending topic
  2. The topic should be unique (If it is not try to present it in unique way)
  3. You Understand at its core
  4. Have bullets in your slide and this should be short enough
  5. Neat drawings
  6. Start giving examples while you explain
  7. Sell your topic with your speech
  8. Give time for the audience for every 2-3 slides to question you
  9. Don’t be serious while presenting, Maintain some sense of humor to Engage the audience more
  10. Obviously you should have best communication skills (Good English)
  11. Don’t forget to maintain time
  12. Common things would be dress well, maintain loud voice, eye contact, Respect audience, be bold, be positive, be confident, have your food, copy your content in pen drive,

What is the use of Presenting papers & Seminars

I know definitely you would be waiting what benefit you will be getting while presenting a paper or a seminar. Here we go.

  • Good communication skills
  • will loose your stage fear
  • This certificate will be a row in achievements column in your resume (Resume Preparation tips)
  • Lecturer and students focus on you
  • Improves your confidence
  • Will gain lot of knowledge on the topic you presented
  • Will know how to compete with others in the real world

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