Kabali Movie Review By US Viewer – Premier Show review

Kabali Movie Review By US Viewer – Premier Show

One name running in Indian world from past few Days. It’s none other than KABALI. Movie is coming with many expectations and it is released in many theaters world wild with most expectations. These expectations are because of one man, he is Kabali star RAJNIKANTH. There was a premier show played some time back (Thursday morning) in US. One guy who has watched the premier show name “Balaji Sreenivas” has posted the review & in few minutes it went viral & got around thirty thousand hits. Soon he has removed the review. Here is the Kabali Movie Review. Some of the points he has mentioned in the movie are below.

He said  “Thanks to movie industry friends at Bay Area. I had watched the movie now with out any expectations. I came out with so many feelings. This will be a great treat for super star RAJNI Fans. The energy levels of Rajini Sir are amazing. even at this age”.

Some thing about Story

  1. Story will run in the back drop of Malaysia
  2. So many Tamil people are struggling because of some villains. They all are looking for a guy who can save them.
  3. Because of some religious issue, Rajnikanth will be in jail for some years and will get released as Nelsan Mandela.
  4. He used to live like a common man for some time
  5. Finally he will become a gangster to save his daughter from Villans
  6. Soon after he will become a leader for Tamilians in Malaysia.


  • Rajnikanth
  • Slow motion Visuals
  • Crispy Dialogues
  • Mannerisms
  • Few scenes
  • Flash Back Rajnikanth (30 year old)Kabali Movie Review

Over all it will be a treat for all movie lovers. Go to theaters & watch. People who had pre-booked the movie can only watch this weekend, other watch after this weekend 😉

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