12 Best Interview Tips And Body Language From Experts

12 Best Interview Tips And Body Language From Experts, Tricks to crack an interview

Facing an interview is a critical turning point in every bodies life. If we are able to face it in a right manner then our goal is accomplished. There are some basic things one has to understand before taking an interview. For an interviewer it doesn’t matter how good you are at conceptual, he will consider few of the other things to offer you a job. So while filtering the candidates there will be some parameters other than your technical world. Here we go. Make a note of these 12 Best interview tips from experts.Interview Tips

1. Entering the interviewer room

This is the first impression for an interviewer when he see you coming into the room.  We know one thing “First impression is best impression”. For today generation may be we need to say “Equivalent to first love”. So while entering into the room, knock the door and ask for excuse while coming in.

2. Great, Shake hand before you Sit

When you reach near to the interviewer great him and shake your hand with him confidently. Make sure that your standing posture is straight enough. This will give him an idea about how comfortable and confident you are.

3. Say Thank you when he offers you a seat

After shake hands the interviewer will definitely ask you to have your seat. Say your greeting in a way of Thank you.

4. Offer Your File And Take A Quick Breathe

You can submit your academic file to the interviewer along with your resume (Resume Preparation Tips), In the mean while you will find some time to take your breathe before he starts questioning you.

5. Tell About Your Self

The interviewer would like mostly here about your academics, what best you have done till now and what you have achieve rather than very brief about your self. The interviewer next question will be from your tell me about your self.

6. Always check your Seating Posture

  • Don’t lean, bend.
  • Don’t run your pen in the middle finger.
  • Don’t move your legs (Students will have this tendency).
  • Don’t shake the head.

7. Don’t fold your hands

If you fold your hands indirectly you have agreed that you will listen what ever interviewer says. Interviewers don’t like this at all. That always want to this out of the box. Also it’s like a slave.

8. Maintain your Smile and Tone/Voice

Maintain a pleasant smile and this will give a meaning that you are not nervous. Maintain the same pitch of voice from beginning to end. This will really tell that how confident you are. Don’t use some common language we use shit, cha, chi, ohh, ufff, aha, ohh and all. This will tell that you are lagging your communication.

9. Don’t Disturb and talk in the middle

While the interviewer asking any question, don’t rush him and show your enthusiasm. Always give him a chance to complete what he want to speak. respect him.

10. Think and answer

Take your time while you answer. 30-40 seconds will be good enough time to think and answer any question. Keep you calm is your mantra (Best among all interview tips).

11. What to ask when he gives you a chance

  • Don’t ask questions like
  • Did I get selected?
  • How much salary I will get?
  • How I did my interview?
  • Where I will get posted. I like Mumbai, I will get job there?
  • What is your name? where do you stay?
  • Did you get married?

These are all non related things in the interviewers point. if you really don’t know what to ask in that situation better not to ask any thing. This is all fine and a good interview tips.

12. While leaving the interview

It is a good gesture to adjust the chair which you sit instead of throwing out some where. Thank him for getting this opportunity and give a pleasant smile. This will do.

If you try all these interview tips by maintaining good technical knowledge, if you definitly will crack the interview

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