Happy Womens Day 2016 Wishes, Quotes, HD Wallpapers, Images

Happy Womens Day 2016 Wishes, Quotes, HD Wallpapers, Images

On the occasion of March 8th international womens day, we are giving Womens Day 2016 greetings. To celebrate womens day with more inspiration and motivation, here we are providing inspirational womens day quotes. Greet every woman and convey your Womens day wishes to your mom and your beloved once through our Happy Womens Day 2016 Wishes, Quotes, Whatsapp Messages, Images and Greetings etc. Here we are giving many womens day quotes, HD wallpapers and beautiful images at our website.

Happy Womens Day 2016

Women play a powerful role in our society. In my view women is the best creation of God. She is the one who takes responsibility for the whole family. She plays a role of daughter, wife, mother, and sister, daughter in law, students, and employee. She has to balance all roles equally; she has to maintain the perfect balance between career and family. She is the one who cares you, loves you, and understands you. So many men’s opinions are women are weak, they are not capable of doing anything but the fact is women are usually soft-hearted. God created them with melting heart and with tons of patience; this is not weakness this is the great boon given by God but so many are thinking it as a weakness. With this soft heart God gave them the strong ability, once women decided to do anything, then men have to bow their heads before them.

Happy Womens Day 2016 1

Top 10 Countries which are giving respect to Women

  • Iceland-100%.
  • Sweden-99.2%.
  • Canada-96.6%.
  • Denmark-95.3%.
  • Finaland-92.8%.
  • Switzerland-91.9%.
  • Norway-91.3%.
  • USA-89.8%.
  • Australia-88.2%.
  • Netherlands-87.7%.

Happy Womens Day 2016 Wishes:

WOMEN have strengths that amazes man..
She can handle trouble & carry heavy burdens..
She holds happiness, love & opinions..

Happy Womens Day


Happy Womens Day 2016 2

We are cute daughters,
we are sweet sisters,
we are lovely lovers,
we are darling wives,
we are adorable mothers,
we are source of strength,
we are WOMEN!

Happy Women’s Day!

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Happy Womens Day 2016 Whatsapp Messages:

This LIFE has no existence without a strong ally in WOMAN in every stage
of life starting from Motherhood to Wife, Sister &finally a Daughter.
Happy Women’s Day!!

Happy Womens Day 2016 5

The willingness to listen,
the patience to understand,
the strength to support,
the heart to care & just to be there..
That is the beauty of a lady!
Happy Women’s Day!


Every Home, Every Heart, Every Feeling,
Every Moment Of happiness is incomplete
without u, Only U can complete this world…
Happy Women’s Day

Happy Womens Day 2016 7

Your love is like a flame that lights up my world!
Sweetheart, I want your love to shine in my life forever…

Happy Womens Day

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