Best Government Jobs in India/USA after 10th,12th

Now a days the competition among the people who are searching for a job have been increased tremendously. As per the recent survey, more number of jobs will be created by 2020. At the same time the selection process also becomes tougher. Every organisation trying to grab only those who have the required skill. We will have a lot of enthusiasm to know best government jobs in India.

IT industry gained a lot of popularity and engineering graduates are trying to settle in Information technology industry even though there is less job security. But lot of engineering graduates are now a days trying to get a government job. Because of many reasons government jobs are the best choice over others, some of them are job security, stable life, good hikes and promotions. However getting into the public sector is not as easy as we think. The selection process is lot more though than others and the competition is also very high. But once if you get a govt job, your life will be settled. Especially if you become a central govt employee, then no need to think about your career, future. Here we have listed the Best Government jobs in India and USA. Some of the people are searching for what are the best jobs in government sector. For that reason we are providing a list.

Best Government Jobs in India

Best Government Jobs in India

Indian Administrative Service(IAS): Indian Administrative Service(IAS) is the most prestigious designation in the Government sector. Every year IAS exam will be conducted under Civil services. This exam will be conducted by Union Public Service Commission(UPSC). Lakhs of people will write that exam to became an IAS. We all know that, for every district an IAS officer will be allotted as District collector. And under every ministry, an IAS officer will be allotted. IAS officers will be in both state and central governments.

Public Sector Bank Job: Getting a bank job is a dream for so many people. In India, one of the most robust sector is the banking sector. IBPS is one of the organisation which recruits candidates for the vacant positions in the public sector banks.

India Forest Service(IFS): Indian Forest Service(IFS) is also considered under the civil services. This is next to IAS. These people will deal with the issues related to forest and wildlife. The salaries and incentives are also phenomenal in IFS. If you really have interest in forest, you can opt for these kind of exams. The Indian Forest service exam will be conducted every year. You can apply and try your luck.

Indian Police Service(IPS): Indian Police Service(IPS) is yet another prestigious post in the Indian society. IPS is also under civil services. Candidates have to write the civil services exam, if you got the IPS qualification marks you can apply for the vacant IPS posts.

Government Teacher: Teaching is one of the best job ever. If you love to teach people, then you can become a government teacher. There are both state and central state government schools and everywhere teachers are required. A lot of facilities are provided for the government teachers. Every year, govt teachers ob notifications will be released. You can find one and apply.

This is the list of best government jobs in India, you find any other jobs please inform us in the comments. We will add that to the best government jobs list here.

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