Arithmetic Aptitude Preparation Material, Full Kit, Models

Arithmetic Aptitude Preparation Material, Full Kit, Models Papers, Solved Questions And Answers, Table Of Contents, Topics, Discussion Forum

For all the competitive exams, Government job written exams, bank jobs, IT written tests (Private Jobs) one should have an ability to understand what is Aptitude and its types. In Aptitude there are couple of classifications  namely Arithmetic Aptitude & Data interpretation. The majority of topics contains in Arithmetic Aptitude. So one should be able to thoroughly understand the topics behind this. We are presenting Arithmetic Aptitude preparation material, Full details, Table of contents, Topics.

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Arithmetic Aptitude Preparation – Table Of Contents/ Arithmetic aptitude formulas/ Arithmetic aptitude PDF, tricks, test/ Quantitative aptitude pdf download for free, for Bank Jobs, IT Jobs Preparation

Students should be able to grab the logic behind each of the following areas to clear the competitive exams. This will definitely improve the problem solving skills in personal life as well. Click on below topics to View Or Download them In PDF.

  1. Numbers

  2. H.F.C & L.M.C of Numbers

  3. Chain Rule

  4. Partnership

  5. Profit & Loss

  6. Ratio And Proportion

  7. Alligation Or Mixture

  8. Area

  9. Banker’s Discount

  10. Bar Graphs

  11. Boats And Streams

  12. Calendar

  13. Clocks

  14. Compound Interest

  15. Heights And Distances

  16. Logarithms

  17. Permutations And Combinations

  18. Pipes And Cisterns

  19. Probability

  20. Problems And Trains

  21. Races And Games

  22. Simple Interest

  23. Stocks And Shares

  24. Tabulation

  25. Time And Distance

  26. Time And Work

  27. True Discount

  28. Volume And Surface Area

  29. Line Graphs

  30. Pie Charts

  31. Decimal Fractions

  32. Simplification

  33. Square Roots & Cube Roots

  34. Averages

  35. Problems On Numbers


  37. Surds And Indices

  38. Percentages

The following will be called Data Interpretation from the list given above. In the PDF attached under each topic – all formulas, solved questions and and answers are available. These are covered from the famous writters RS Agarwal, Arun Sharma and others.

  1. Pie Charts
  2. Bar Charts
  3. Table Charts
  4. Line Charts

Experts Guidence about Arithmetic Aptitude Preparation

Arithmetic Aptitude Unsolved Questions

For the above listed topics click on any topic, we have provided some of the unsolved questions to test your ability. Have a look guys.

Once you feel confident with the contents above, you can give an on line test from us. The Online test was prepared by the experts with some specific timer. We are not giving the on line test for unsubscripted users. Please subscribe with us and comment your email ID. We will send you a link that contains a test link. For any issues with the browser compatibility and other issues please write to us.


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