8 Best Tips To Become A Topper in SSC 10th Exam – 10th Class Preparation Tips

10th Class Preparation Tips – 8 Best Tips To Become A Topper in SSC 10th Exam

  • Understand the Syllabus
  • Download Previous Question & Answer Papers
  • Discuss the topics in a group
  • Don’t Muck up, understand the concept
  • Preparation chart
  • Early morning study
  • Mock tests
  • Maintain good health

10th class preparation tips

10th Class Preparation Tips:

  1. Understanding the Syllabus is one of the key for your preparation. Always identify the weightage of the subject. Weightage means, how many marks you can obtain by learning the specific topic. This will automatically makes you understand which one needs to study first. Start with the topics which will give you more weightage. By doing this, you will have enough time to go through the important topics and then can skip the unimportant topics or less weightage topics.
  2. Downloading the Previous Question and answers will always give you a clear picture on the important questions. There are high chances that you will get questions from previous papers. Don’t skip any of the questions from the earlier papers. If you can completely answer the last 5 years papers, you are 50% done with your preparation. So, this is the important point to consider.
  3. Discussing the topic: When you are alone reading a lesson, there are high chances that you will forget the things. Always form a group of your friends and start discussing a topic. BY doing this you will never forget the things while attending the exam. A human brain is designed in such a way like; he will never forget things that are discussed in group. Try and let us know the outcome. Use the comment box below.10th Class Preparation tips
  4. Always understand the concept. IF you are not understanding the conceptually, it is nowhere use full what you are reading. Even you score in exam it doesn’t make any sense. The reason is, when you are moving higher in your education; the more you understand the more you gain. IN short, down the line in your career, it will affect you. So careful from now at least.
  5. Make a preparation sheet. This will tell you when you have to complete a lesson and its deadlines. This will definitely give you an idea when you are going to read all the lessons and when you are going to revise them. Always give more time to a subject where you are feeling tough. By this way you can manage your preparation.
  6. Some group of people discovered that studying in early morning will give lot of remembrance. So students buy a small alarm clock and start studying early in the morning. This works well.
  7. Mock tests are like your pre common. This will give you a good idea that how much you have prepared. Don’t feel bad even if you scoreless in pre common. Always there can be an improvement. So revision well.10th class preparation tips
  8. 10th class preparation tips, Maintain good health. Eat your home food well. IF you are staying in hostel try to avoid junk foods. Have good liquids like juices & coconuts.

After reading this, if you find it good please inform your friends. All the best guys.

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